Nobody Knows but Mother

They talk of a mother's toil and care,
Of the tasks that her hands must do,
Of the furrows that creep o'er the brow once fair,
Of the burdens and heartaches too.
But they know not the joy stitched in each little dress,
The pattering footsteps that brighten and bless,
The thrill of a baby's loving caress---
Ah, nobody knows but Mother.
They talk of her narrow and humble place,
The monotonous life she leads,
While others are learning and growing apace,
And doing such wonderful deeds.
But they know not the mystery deep that lies,
Hidden away in a baby's eyes,
And every day brings a fresh surprise,
That nobody sees but Mother.
There was never a task by the Father given,
That brought not its blessing too,
And the life that liest the nearest Heaven,
Was given, oh, Mother, to you.
The task is great, but the joy is sweet,
The hours of prayer bring a faith complete,
And the highest wisdom our life can meet,
Lies hid in the heart of a Mother.
  ~The Fireside~

A few more sewing ideas

Flower on plain jean dress.  The flower was cut out from an old duvet cover, and sewn on around the outside of the flower. Green button sewn on in the middle.

Play cube. Made out six squares of material, small container in the middle filled with rice to make it rattle, and stuffed with stuffing.

Rag doll. Made from an old cot sheet. Very simple, just two pieces of material cut into a doll shape, sewn together and stuffed.

It's satisfying seeing your child attached to something you made! :)


More than enough

Charles Spurgeon once told this story:
One day a little worried mouse came to Joseph. Joseph didn't see the mouse, because he was busy calculating how much wheat he had left for feeding all the people. He had mountains of wheat, much more than enough. Then he heard the little mouse squeak. "What are you worried about, little mouse?" asked Joseph.
"I'm worried that maybe you won't have enough wheat for me." said the mouse. Joseph laughed, because there was enough wheat to last the mouse a million years or more!
Mr. Spurgeon then went on to say that one day he was worried about his troubles. He didn't think that everything could come out alright.
Then he read the Bible and came to the verse which says "My grace is sufficient for thee." And then he laughed at himself. He was being as foolish as the mouse that came to Joseph worrying about whether there was enough wheat for him.
Sometimes life's trials seem much more than we can handle. We worry about the future and wonder how we'll manage.
But God's grace is enough for every difficulty. More than enough!


Tomato Soup Meatballs

500g mince
1/2 onion, chopped
1 egg
1 medium tin tomato soup condensed
1/4 cup rice
salt and pepper
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup vinegar
1/2 cup water

Mix mince, onion, egg, rice, salt and pepper together. Make meatballs. Place in a casserole dish.
Make sauce: Mix tomato soup, sugar, water and vinegar together. Pour over meatballs.
Bake in the oven at 180C for 11/2 hours with the lid on.
Very nice on top of cooked pasta, vegies on the side and grated cheese on top!


Little Eyes Watching

Last night it was dinner time. My husband is super busy at work at the moment and he had just texted saying he was still 10-15 minutes away. I was trying to get the girls up to the table, but they wanted all their dolls at the table too. So there were little chairs and a doll pushchair around our table making our crowded kitchen/dining room even more crowded. Joseph was in a big bulky exersaucer in the lounge which needed to be brought back into the kitchen. I lifted the exersaucer up and attempted to carry it around the table to where is was supposed to go. I bumped Hannah in the process and nearly knocked my blackboard off my fridge. While I was still holding the exersaucer up in the air I was feeling rather frustrated and stressed, when I happened to look at Joseph. He was watching me with an amused look on his face! He was just enjoying the ride! I straight away relaxed and laughed.
It's not the first time I've been stopped in my tracks by those little eyes watching me. It's a bit unnerving!                                              
The night before I was playing Memory with my two girls. It was just before bed and Joseph was getting grisly. I happened to mention to the girls, "Joseph is grumpy." Hannah replied, "Mummy grumpy?"
These two little episodes made me more aware that these little people are watching me all day. Watching how I react when things go wrong, watching my attitude and seeing me either complain or give thanks. But not only watching. Copying! I need to be a good example!


25 things I love about being a Mum

1)Cuddles--little arms holding me tight
3)Watching my child in hysterics over something that's not even funny!
4)Seeing the delight on their face when I give them a present or something new
5)Taking one of them shopping by themselves
6)Seeing how proud they are of themselves when they've made an accomplishment
7)Hearing the words "I want to help Mummy!"
8)Watching them holding their baby brother and saying "I love him. I love you, Joses (Joseph)!"
9)The funny things they say like "Joses is kicking his arms!"
10)Their excitement when Daddy gets home
11)Firsts! first smile, first giggle, first foods, first time sleeping through the night, first word, first step...
12)Baby smiles--especially voluntary ones
13)Little eyes looking up at you when they're feeding
14)Watching little people playing together nicely
15)Listening to them saying their memory verses and singing songs that you've taught them
16)My children giving me something of their own initiative--a picture, part of their snack...

17)Older ones looking out for the younger ones
18)Holding a sleeping baby
19)The first glimpse of a newborn after 9 months of being pregnant
20)Going on outings together
21)Planning birthday parties
22)Doing arts and crafts together
23)Mischievous faces
24)Feeling baby kicks when I'm pregnant
25)Hearing the word, "Mummy!"

Too often I get focused on the negatives. So it's just a reminder to me of all the wonderful things about being a Mum!

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Counting Game

This is a little game that is helping my girls to count and recognize numbers. There are two ways to play. You need a container with small snacks, such as raisins, peanuts or popcorn.
1. With a dice
Take turns to roll the dice, count the number of spots on the dice and then count out that many snacks.
2. With  numbered slips of paper or number flashcards.
Take turns to turn over the numbers,say the number aloud and then pick out that many snacks.
My 31/2 year old loves this game and asks to play it nearly every morning tea time! I've noticed her counting has improved since learning this game.