25 things I love about being a Mum

1)Cuddles--little arms holding me tight
3)Watching my child in hysterics over something that's not even funny!
4)Seeing the delight on their face when I give them a present or something new
5)Taking one of them shopping by themselves
6)Seeing how proud they are of themselves when they've made an accomplishment
7)Hearing the words "I want to help Mummy!"
8)Watching them holding their baby brother and saying "I love him. I love you, Joses (Joseph)!"
9)The funny things they say like "Joses is kicking his arms!"
10)Their excitement when Daddy gets home
11)Firsts! first smile, first giggle, first foods, first time sleeping through the night, first word, first step...
12)Baby smiles--especially voluntary ones
13)Little eyes looking up at you when they're feeding
14)Watching little people playing together nicely
15)Listening to them saying their memory verses and singing songs that you've taught them
16)My children giving me something of their own initiative--a picture, part of their snack...

17)Older ones looking out for the younger ones
18)Holding a sleeping baby
19)The first glimpse of a newborn after 9 months of being pregnant
20)Going on outings together
21)Planning birthday parties
22)Doing arts and crafts together
23)Mischievous faces
24)Feeling baby kicks when I'm pregnant
25)Hearing the word, "Mummy!"

Too often I get focused on the negatives. So it's just a reminder to me of all the wonderful things about being a Mum!

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Counting Game

This is a little game that is helping my girls to count and recognize numbers. There are two ways to play. You need a container with small snacks, such as raisins, peanuts or popcorn.
1. With a dice
Take turns to roll the dice, count the number of spots on the dice and then count out that many snacks.
2. With  numbered slips of paper or number flashcards.
Take turns to turn over the numbers,say the number aloud and then pick out that many snacks.
My 31/2 year old loves this game and asks to play it nearly every morning tea time! I've noticed her counting has improved since learning this game.


Blueberry Muffins

½ cup butter or margarine
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
2 cups flour
½ cup milk
2 ½ cups blueberries, fresh or frozen

Heat oven to 180C.
In bowl, mix butter until creamy. Add sugar and beat until pale and fluffy.
Add eggs one at a time, beating after each. Beat in vanilla, baking powder and salt.
With spoon, fold in half of flour then half of milk into batter; repeat. Fold in blueberries. Spoon into muffin cups. Bake 15-20 minutes, until golden brown and springy to touch.


Be Thankful

I was a bit convicted thismorning when I was making a memory verse picture with my children. I was making one to hang up in our kitchen. I drew and glued things on that they can be thankful for. I realized as I was doing it, that some of these very things I am very 'unthankful' for sometimes.
I thank God for my food every mealtime out of habit, but how thankful am I really? Too often I'm sighing about having to cook again, how expensive food is now etc. How many mothers in the world would love to be able to cook and feed their children like I am able to?
Toys and Books
When I pick the toys and books up off the floor I'm not usually thanking God for them. It's more likely that I'm sighing about them being scattered all over the place. How many mothers in the world would love to have toys and books like I have for my children?
How thankful am I for my house? Often I'm more focused on how much work it takes to keep clean. Or sometimes I even think it would be nicer to have a different kind of house (bigger, nicer etc.) I take it for granted so much. And yet there are many mothers out there who don't even have a proper house to live in. Or what about the many whose houses have been ruined in war, earthquakes, fires etc?
I often get caught up in the difficulties that come with children and I forget to thank God for them. But there are many women who would love to be mothers and there are many mothers who have lost a child.
So often I take my husband for granted and forget what a huge blessing he is.
May God teach us all to be an example of thankfulness to our children.



 I just finished turning an old woolen blanket into a play blanket for my baby. I hand sewed scraps of material on to make a caterpillar, a train and the letter 'J.'  Underneath the material I put either bubble wrap, crinkly paper or stuffing. I used buttons for wheels on the train and eyes on the caterpillar.


Toy Animals

A sewing craft that I've learned to make that is simple enough for children to do, is a little stuffed animal.
First draw the shape on some cardboard.
Trace the shape onto two pieces of material. Sew buttons on for nose and eyes. Sew a little mouth. If you want to embroider a name, you can.Then sew it together using whipstitch. Leave some space to put the stuffing in then sew closed. If you put a bit of crinkly paper in, it gives it some sound when you press it.
These are easy baby presents to make. I used an old denim skirt for the front of these two, so a good way to use up scrap material!

First try (front)

the back

Second one (front)

The back



Sometimes as a mother and wife I feel that I am just doing the same things over and over every day! Washing, dishes, vacuuming, making beds, changing nappies, cleaning, cooking etc. There's not a great lot of time left over to do other things. Do you ever feel like this?
Yesterday I was talking to someone who has just started working in a factory packing frozen foods. She told me how time goes quite slow because you're pretty much doing the same thing all day--standing in the same place packing food. She said that one day she had to do a few other things and it was really nice just to have a bit of variety.
This conversation made me very thankful. I realized that my 'job' actually has a lot of variety! I am not folding washing all day, although sometimes it feels like it! :) I don't make beds all day. I actually do a lot of different things throughout the day. I have the freedom to choose what to cook and what to plant in the garden etc.
My 'job' is far from monotonous!