A Prayer for a Fresh Perspective

It's so easy to focus on the difficulties and forget all our beautiful blessings! After writing down about 50 of my blessings, I feel a lot better!


Sanity, Stress and Energy Savers

I wrote this list for myself because I am very good at wearing myself out! I want to prevent myself from doing that so we don't all have to suffer from it!

1) Get outside.
I'm an outside person but there is always lots to do inside. I need to make it a priority to get outside often enough so I don't get cabin fever!

2)Don't compare yourself to others.
I don't even know anybody else in the same shoes as me, so I shouldn't compare myself to other mums I know.

3)Do as many jobs early in the day if possible.
Usually I have more energy in the morning so it's good to get as many of the physical jobs done then.

4)Prioritize--don't start doing extra jobs before the basics are done.
I'm a bad one at this. I see something I want done and get stuck into it....even though I haven't even washed the breakfast dishes or made my bed yet! Then when I've run out of energy, the important jobs still need doing.

5) Rest when your children are resting.
Don't feel guilty about getting rest. Looking after children and keeping up with everything is very tiring.

6)Eat healthy and enough.
Eat food that gives you strength and energy. Look after your body.

7)Be self-controlled with computer time.

8)Have quiet times.
I'm not very noise tolerant, so this is important for me.   Have some time if possible when there is complete silence. That way you might cope better with all the noise of your family--you know, the constant "Mummy, Mummy", singing, humming and questions.

9)Find things that relax you.
Candles, hot drinks, peaceful music, gardening, art, singing, reading etc.

10)Don't try and do too much in one day.

11)Take time to enjoy things.
The beauty of God's Creation, time with your husband, the cuteness of your children... 

12)Keep on top of mess.
Mess irritates me. So keeping on top of it throughout the day and getting the children to put things away after them helps prevent me from getting overwhelmed and irritable. 

13)Listen to your body.
Don't push yourself unnecessarily. One of the last times I wore myself out, I had felt very tired during the day. Instead of taking it easy and resting, I pushed myself to do what I wanted to do. I paid for it at the end of the day! 

14) Ask God for help often.
You need it! There are times I've been overwhelmed with lots to do and I've prayed for help. And then my children have played so well together and not needed me, so I could catch up on what needed doing.

15) Make some time to read God's Word.
What food is to our bodies, the Bible is to our souls.

16)Note what things wear you out and be careful.
I know what things wear me out, so I am careful. For example, I don't mow all the lawns in one go and I don't have a whole day of baking/cooking!

17) Don't sweat the little things!
Some things just don't matter. It's more to important to have a sense of humor and spend time with our children and husband.


Call unto Me...

This week has been a busy week. A week when you keep up with the basics but that's about it. The list on my 'extra jobs' list kept growing and I was thinking about how nice it would be to have some time without the children just to focus on getting a few jobs done without neglecting them. I was praying about this, but thinking that it wasn't possible anyway. I thought I would just have to be patient and work on them when I had time. About an hour later I was reading in bed and my husband walked in. "I've been thinking... that I might take Joseph and Esther with me for the day on Friday." He needed to travel to Wellington (11/2hrs away) to do a few jobs and thought he could spend some time with the kids at the same time. He then decided they could leave extra early and have breakfast together on the way.
Wow! Talk about blowing me away!
Don't you just love how sometimes God answers your prayer above what you even think possible!



(Controlling Clutter)

I read an article a few years back that talked about hotspots. The writer explained hotspots as surfaces in your house that seem to be magnets to clutter. Do you have any places like that in your home? 
Bedside tables? Window sill? Top of fridge? Dressing Table?
The solution is to clear the clutter, then put something attractive in its place, like a photo frame, candle, ornament etc. Since it looks nice when it is not cluttered, you'll have more motivation to keep it that way.
I have found this tip really useful.
My small chest freezer is one place that has been a real hospot. Since I can't put something attractive there, I have put on it a square flax basket with a lid. Any clutter I find in the kitchen gets put there, until I get time to put it in its right place.
Here are a few places in my house that used to be hotspots. They still are sometimes, but I'm working on it! The tip definitely helps.