An amazing Story!

A young officer was leaving home on a long term of service in India, and just before he said 'Goodbye” to his mother, she gave him a bundle of tracts to distribute when he reached India. He packed them safely away in his kit bag, and promptly forgot all about the matter.
On the eve of his homeward journey, in looking through his kit, he discovered the forgotten tracts, and remembering his promise to his mother, he went through the town, and reaching the seashore he threw the leaflets into the air, and they were scattered by the breeze. He returned home feeling that he had carried out the letter, if not the spirit, of the promise in “distributing” these gospel leaflets.
Years passed, and the officer drifted far down the broad road of sin towards the City of Destruction. Once again he set sail, and while on the boat he drank and gambled; but there was a Christian officer who took an interest in his welfare. Taking him aside one day, he began to talk to him about his soul, and then told him the following story of how he became converted.
He had been going the pace in India, very much the same as this one was now doing, until one day he became bankrupt, and got to an end of himself. He took his revolver and went down to the seashore with the intention of ending his life, and as he was walking along a paper blew up against his legs. Stooping down, he picked it up and began reading it. It was the means of his salvation, and pocketing his revolver he returned to his hotel and gave himself to God.
Deeply interested, the young officer listened with great attention, and asked the Christian if he could remember the date. He told him, and where it took place, and the unsaved officer then told him about the distribution of the tracts. One of those pamphlets which he had scattered in the breeze years before had evidently drifted to the other's feet and became the means of his conversion. The telling of this and the subsequent conversation between the two officers was now the means of leading to Christ the one who had “distributed” the tracts.
This is a true narrative, and shows how wonderful are the ways of God, and how various are the methods He uses to draw men to himself.

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