Two tough old mules— say get this dope--
Were tied together with a piece of rope.
Said one to the other,You come my way,
While I take a nibble of that new-mown hay.
I won't, said the other. You come with me---
I have some hay over this way, you see.
So they got nowhere, just pawed the dirt,
Pulling each way, how that rope did hurt!
Then faced they about, those stubborn mules,
And said, We're acting just like human fools.
Let's pull together—I'll go your way,
Then you come with me, and we'll both eat hay.
So they ate their hay, and liked it, too,
And said, Let's be comrades, good and true.
As the sun went down, they were heard to bray,
Ah, this is the end of a perfect day!

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