Easy Icecream

6 eggs, separated
500mls of cream
1 small cup sugar
vanilla essence
any flavorings eg. A packet of crushed orios for cookies and cream, chopped up choc bars, berries, chopped nuts etc.

Beat egg whites, egg yolks and cream separately in 3 different bowls. Put sugar and vanilla essence in with cream before beating it. With a steal spoon, mix egg whites and cream together. Then add the egg yolks and stir well. Add whatever flavorings, pour into an ice cream container and freeze till completely frozen (at least 6 hours). If your flavorings sink to the bottom of the ice cream (some choc bars do), you need to stir it again when it's half frozen. Also, make sure the beater is completely clean before you beat the egg whites, or they don't beat properly.
This recipe is easy and it makes perfect ice cream!

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