Look Carefully or You'll Miss Out

While we were enjoying our holiday in Holland, we spent one day visiting two interesting places.

The first place was called 'De Orchideen Hoeve' which was an amazing tropical paradise with beautiful gardens.

There was a Tropical Garden with tons of pretty orchids of many different colors and species. Many other tropical plants grew here amidst the water streams and small bridges.
The Malaysian Garden had a large bridge, waterfalls, pole houses and many georgeous flowers.
The best, however, was the Butterfly Valley. Thousands of brightly colored butterflies fluttered amongst many tropical plants and over the little streams and fountains.
After eating lunch at the restaurant there, we drove through roads that wound through stunning tulips fields to an animal park. We walked slowly around the park looking at the different animals. There were otters, deer, wild pigs and cranes to name a few.
There was one thing the two places had in common. You have to take your time and look around carefully, or you will miss seeing many things.
In the butterfly valley, my husband noticed a gigantic lizard sitting on top of a tree. :( You could have easily missed seeing it. It sat as still as a rock, and it blended in with the green of the leaves.
In the other gardens, there were many beautiful flowers, interesting plants, and turtles crawling around.
At the animal park, some of the animals were in large fields with many trees and bushes. There were some animals that you could only see vaguely from a distance. Unless we had looked very carefully, we would never have noticed them.
Walking through both of these beautiful places reminded me of what it is like to read the Bible.
If we rush blindly through our Bible reading, we will miss out on seeing many precious things.
There are things in the Bible to look out for as we read; promises, commands, and warnings. We can also learn lessons about God, and we can learn from people's mistakes and examples.

How do we read the Bible?
Do we rush through it because it's what we have to do every day?
Do we read slowly looking out for what God wants us to see?

If you don't look carefully, you'll miss out!

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