Take Time to Enjoy Your Children

Take time to enjoy your children--
The days fly by so fast.
Their time with you will soon be gone;
Their childhood will be past.
Slow down and enjoy your children--
Don't get too busy for them.
“Things” are not so important
As your precious little gems.

Take time to enjoy their cuteness--
Their giggles, their gleeful grins.
Your love will make all the difference
Their priceless hearts to win.

Children are a gift from God--
“A heritage from the LORD.”
They are not little nuisances
That have to be endured.

Babies don't stay babies--
They'll soon be up and grown,
Then will come the harvest
Of the seeds that you have sown.

How often are your kids ignored?
“Just go away and play!”
But then before you realize
You're saying this every day.
Take time to enjoy your children--
Make special memories.
Don't let them say one day,
“Mum was too busy for me.”
~Emily van Rijn~

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