Don't Be Discouraged

Watching my little girls, I learnt a lesson.
Esther and Hannah were both crawling around and playing together. Esther had been crawling for about 2 weeks (she was 7 months). So Hannah would sometimes get down on her hands and knees and crawl around with Esther. But because of Hannah's age (2yrs) she can go a lot faster than Esther. And of course she can always cheat by jumping to her feet and walking or running
This one morning Esther was left behind by Hannah. Esther was crying and I'm pretty sure she was frustrated at not being able to keep up with Hannah.
But the fact is, Esther was doing far better than Hannah did at that age. Hannah was content to sit in one place until she was 1 yr before she finally took off crawling.
Esther, maybe because of having an active big sis to motivate her, was crawling by 7 months. But she gets frustrated because she's not as fast as her big sister.
I realised that I get just as frustrated with myself when I see or read about more mature than me wives, mothers or homemakers. Like Esther I should let their maturity push me on to growing more. But there's no point getting discouraged because I'm not right where they are. It took them years of learning and growing to get there. And if I keep going I will get there too, but it takes time.
Some of those people that I look up to, at my age had only just become Christians and started to learn. And I read a book that they've written when they're twice or three times my age and get discouraged! Do you ever have that problem too?
Don't be discouraged! Just keep on going, you will get there.

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  1. This was cute and such a good lesson. I have found that my children big and little have taught me so much!!

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