What Does a Christlike Women Look Like?

Do you ever wonder what a Christlike mum and wife looks like? Have you ever had the thought, 'If Jesus was a mother and wife, what He be like?'
I wondering about this the other day, but then I realized that God has showed us in the Bible what a Christlike women should be. I started writing a list and this is what I came up with. I'm sure there are many more, but these are some of the obvious ones. This list is taken from Proverbs 31, the story of Mary and Martha and a few other passages in the NT that talks about women.

1) She puts God first.
She makes it a priority to spend time with God and get to know Him. She fears God. He comes first.

2)She loves her husband.
She respects him and submits to him. She fills his physical needs and is pure and faithful to him. She does him good--she's a blessing to him. He can trust her.

3)She loves her children.

4)She is hardworking.
She is not lazy and idle. She works willingly, plans ahead and is not a gossip.

5)She looks after her home.
She takes good care of her house and her household. She builds her home.

6)She cares about those in need.
She does what she can to help and is hospitable.

7)She dresses well.
She is elegant, but isn't focused on her appearance. She is modest and pure in the way she dresses.

 Are you a Christlike woman?

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