In two weeks we are traveling to the other side of the world with our little daughter who was in hospital a lot last year. Today I found out that the travel insurance we brought doesn't cover her because she has preexisting medical conditions. She is the reason we got insurance! But it looks like the rest of us will be covered but maybe not her.
Although she has stayed out of hospital this year and is now doing well, there is a fear that she could end up in hospital while we are overseas. 
I was feeling rather anxious about this today while I was working in my kitchen.
I have verses on a little holder above my sink. I put the front verse at the back and the new verse looking at me was "Give us today our daily bread." Matthew 6:11
The word today hit me.
I don't need to worry about tomorrow. Today is what I need to focus on. Most of tomorrow's worries never happen and if they do, God has more than enough grace to help us through. We can only do our best and then leave the rest to God.

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