Fighting or Accepting?

I read this quote a while ago, but it came to my mind today. 
I had just been to a hospital appointment for an eye checkup for Lydia. Although she can see fine, she had some kind of blockage in her eyes which means she constantly has dirty sticky eyes. It is not a big problem, but it is one of many problems she has or has had. The eye doctor was wondering if she should go under anesthetic and get it fixed and whether we could combine it with when she goes under anesthetic to get her ears checked for hearing loss.
These things stress me out a little, especially when they kept getting delayed and postphoned. As I drove out of the hospital I was thinking about how much I dislike all these things, when I remembered this quote.
Lydia's health issues and disability is a 'halter' I have been called to wear. I don't like it, but fighting it does not help or make it go away! Fighting it only hurts me and those around me. 
I have it for a purpose. So I should choose to accept it, pray for God's help to wear it and be thankful that I am not called to wear  'much worse' halters.
What is your halter? A difficult person in your life? Do you live far from home and family? The house you live in or your financial situation? Or do you have health issues? Have you lost a loved one?
If it's not something you can or should change, pray for grace to accept it and grow through it. 
Don't fight it!

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