This post is nearly a week old. I wrote it on my facebook page and forgot to share it here!

Last week was a super busy week. In my eyes, too busy! I decided to try and simplify as much as possible and cut down on the busyness. Instead, out of my control, it got busier! Strange how that always happens! Finally I gave my time to God and just accepted the fact that my life is busy. Although I like to be more relaxed and have more free time, my time is God's. God wants to be in control. If I give Him my time, He will make sure I get enough rest.
Also, I realized that although my life feels too busy sometimes, it is full and satisfying! I have a husband, 4 children, and a lovely home to look after. Although they keep me very busy, my life would be rather empty without them.
So as a summary, instead of complaining about the busyness, I can rejoice that I have a full happy life! I can accept the busyness, knowing that I have given God my time and I am doing exactly what He wants me to do.

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