Introduction to Helpful Tips

In the last 3 months since our big trip to Holland, I've had a major declutter in our home. While we were in Holland, I saw that our kids can play very well with few toys. A lot of the time we lived in a small house by ourselves. Although there were some toys there, I felt the 'need' to go and buy more toys to keep the kids busy on days we stayed home. Thankfully I didn't. 
I remember one morning waking up and coming out into the lounge. Our four children were up already.
"Mummy, Me and Lydia are on the plane flying to Hong Kong." This came from Hannah who was sitting in the corner with Lydia.
"Mummy, Me and Joseph are ice skating!" This came from Esther who was wearing socks and was sliding around the floor with Joseph!
They were very busy playing, having a great time, with basically nothing!
I was reminded again this morning as they were all having fun pretending their piece of toast was an animal. 
So I would like to share some tips and principles that I've found helpful in simplifying our home and our life. Principles that help me spend less time tidying up and more time with my children.
Although these tips may seem purely practical, they're not! They're a result of being convicted of greed, discontent, hoarding and always wanting more.
Hopefully these principles I share will help you if you struggle to keep your home in order and also help me not to go backwards again!
I will try to keep them all bite sized and simple.

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