What do you See?
 I recently watched a DVD that taught me a very good lesson. The DVD was an old-fashioned story about a man who had an awful lot of problems!

 He was about to lose his land because there was an awful drought which meant he couldn't grow anything on his land and make any money to pay his bills. His well dried up, so he had to haul water from the river. When he tried to dig new wells, he just hit rock. Secondly, his wife died of scarlet fever. Then his young daughter caught their house on fire trying to make dinner.
He was complaining about all his problems to his father. His father took him up to the top of a hill which overlooked his house and land. The father said to him, What do you see?” All the son could see was the dry fields, his land that he thought he was going to lose, the house that had nearly burned down etc. His dad said to him,”That's your problem. All you see are the bad things. You don't see all the blessings that God gives you.” Their discussion went on further, but I learned a lesson right here.
When we look at things in our life, what do we see? When we look at our parents, what do we see? Do we just see their mistakes and faults? Or do we see all their good points (which are usually far more than their faults)? When we look at our children, what do we see? Do we see how annoying they can be sometimes and all the work they create? Or do we see the things that we just love about them? When we look at our husbands, what do we see? Their failures? Or their strengths? When we look at our church, what do we see? Just the things that we think should be done differently or that ways that it could be much better? Or are we thankful for the good things?
This was a lesson for me! When I look at my home, what do I see? Lots of never-ending work?! Or a lovely place that God has provided us with? When I look at my children, what do I see? Dirty nappies, noise, interrupted sleep etc?! Or do I see the fun they bring, their cuteness and the joy they are? When I look at my husband, what do I see?! His few faults? Or the great blessing and help that he is?
Sometimes it's like we are wearing dark sunglasses and everything seems so dark and gloomy! But if we would just take them off, we would see the sun and the blue sky.
Let's be thankful and focus on the positive things, and then pray about the negative things! It will make a world of difference.
Focus on the good things!
“In everything give thanks.”

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