Bring it to me!
 I was having a frustrating morning. I was trying to get my baby into a routine and this day was just not going well (And I'm a person who likes routine!). The day had started out in a bit of a rush and somehow I had missed reading my Bible and praying which I always do at breakfast. I sat on the couch feeding baby Esther feeling very grumpy and frustrated.
Meanwhile, Hannah was having a bit of frustration too! She was at the coffee table trying to do a wooden puzzle. It's really a bit tricky for her to do all by herself, so she was nearly ready to throw it on the floor! I told her, "Bring it to me and I'll help you." But she just kept on trying and getting more and more irritated! In the end she did bring it to me and I was able to help her.
Suddenly I realized that I was just like Hannah. Trying so hard to do something that was tricky without asking God for his help. Psalm 55:22 says "Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee:..." God tells us to bring our problems to Him. But we often don't see our need for him; we just get frustrated.

Hannah is now learning to bring tricky toys to me that she is having trouble with, rather than getting angry.
   Let's learn from her and remember to ask for God's help! He's more than willing to help.

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