Do Your Best and Trust God for the Rest

While Leonardo da Vinci, a famous painter, was still a pupil something happened. His old and famous master, because of his age, felt he had to give up his own work. One day he asked da Vinci to finish a picture for him that he had started. The young man had such reverence for his master's skill that he refused. The old artist wouldn't accept any excuse. He persisted, saying, 'Do your best.'Finally Da Vinci told hold of the brush with trembling hands and knelt down by the easel and prayed: 'It is for the sake of my beloved master that I implore skill and power for this undertaking.' As he started painting, his hand grew steady and his mind was inspired. He forgot himself and was filled with enthusiasm for his work. When the painting was completed, the old master was carried into the studio to judge the result. What he was looking at was a picture of art. Throwing his arms about the young artist, he exclaimed, 'My son, I paint no more!'
We often shrink from starting the work which our Master gives us to do. We are not worthy; we have no skill or power for the great work. But the Master's gentle yet urgent word is, "Do your best.' We only have to kneel in reverence and pray, for the beloved Master's sake, for skill and strength for the job we are given to do, and we will be inspired and helped to do it well. The power of Christ will rest upon us and the love of Christ will be in our heart. And all work done under this inspiration will be acceptable unto God.
God told the Israelites that he had given them the land of Canaan and they needed to go and possess it. Because of the giants, and the big walls of the city, they were put off. Instead of trusting in God to help them, they disobeyed and never got to see the promised land. They were right; they couldn't do it. But God could do it through them.
"Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies." Psalm 108:13

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