A Bad Day......or not?

Recently I had an awful day. It began the night before---I was very tired and went to bed early, but my mind wasn't as tired as my body so it took me ages to get to sleep. Then for some reason Hannah (our 21/2yr old) decided to start crying about every half hour. Once I woke up I couldn't get back to sleep! She wouldn't go back to sleep unless one of us went into her room.
In the end out of desperation we shut our door and let her cry it out. After that she didn't wake up again, but now I couldn't sleep. I also had a bit of an upset stomach which didn't help matters. In the end I went out to the lounge, made a milo and read a book! I eventually went back to bed and got a bit more sleep.
The next day Hannah and I were both very tired. I had an appointment at 9:30 which was in the middle of Esther's sleep time. So Esther turned out to be grumpy, too.
I had to get some groceries after lunch. Usually Hannah loves shopping but not this day. She fussed and cried. Every time I stopped the trolley to get something she fussed loudly and tried to push the trolley by herself. She had never been like that shopping before. Esther wasn't happy and I just felt like going to bed.
When I got home I put the girls to bed but Hannah wouldn't sleep even though she desperately needed it.
While I was cooking dinner, I put the girls with toys in Esther's room, so they wouldn't fuss at my feet, but tonight Esther just screamed instead of playing.
After dinner a babysitter was coming to put the girls to bed while we went to visit a family. The last thing I felt like doing was to go visiting!
My husband was about to arrive home and I was ready to complain to him about my horrible day. But then I had a thought, Were there no blessings today?
 I have a blessings notebook and every night I write down a few blessings from the day. So I thought ,Is there nothing I can write down tonight?
As I thought about that question I started counting my blessings.
1) I got a nice card in the mail.
2) I met my new midwife who was very nice.
3) I got my shopping done in spite of everything!
4) Esther behaved pretty well at my appointment even though she was tired.
5) When Hannah was crying at the supermarket, somebody I knew came up, asked her what was wrong and gave her a big hug!
6) I got a haircut.
7) I got an email with good news.
Thinking about my blessings completely changed my state of mind. I couldn't believe how many blessings I actually had! All I could see before was my trials.
When my husband arrived home I could greet him with a smile!

Blessings brighten when you count them!

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