Rejoice Always!

Rejoice when you're busy; Rejoice when you're stressed—
Rejoice when you're feeling down and depressed.
Rejoice when you're sick; Rejoice when you're sore—
Rejoice when you just can't take anymore.
Rejoice when you're pregnant; Rejoice when you're not—
Rejoice when sick children seem to be your lot.
Rejoice when you're up and down all night--
Rejoice when you fail to do anything right.
Rejoice when you're having a horrible day;
Rejoice when your children cry instead of play.
Rejoice when your baking turns out a flop-
Rejoice when your floor once again needs a mop.

Rejoice when you're lonely and feeling sad,
When you're missing a loved one dreadfully bad.
Rejoice when you're tired and longing for rest;
Rejoice when your home is invaded by guests.

You rejoice when you're happy; You rejoice when all is good--
But do you rejoice in the LORD always—as you should?
It's easy to rejoice when life's at its best,
But do you rejoice when you're put to the test?

Rejoice because God still answers prayer;
Rejoice because God will always care.
Rejoice that you have God's precious Word;
Rejoice that you know you can trust the LORD.

Rejoice that God means each word He says--
Rejoice that God sees all your tears.
Rejoice that God is your truest friend;
His love for you will never end.
~E van Rijn~

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