Baby Moses Craft

I had my first Sunday School lesson with my little girls this afternoon. I read them the story of Moses. Then I did a craft with my 'nearly 3 yr old', which I found in my Bible craft book.
It was quite fun and simple to make, so I thought I would share it!
You need either a newborn sock or bootie. Fill it with some type of filling--I used bubblewrap.
Tie a rubberband around the top of sock or bootie. Glue face on sock/bootie just below rubberband. I used a felt circle for the face.
Fold top of sock/bootie down to make a little hat!

  Then for the basket...Cut the top out of a toilet roll tube--big enough for baby Moses to fit in. Glue a long strip of colored paper all along the tube, as in picture. Then glue on straw--I didn't have straw, so I just used uncooked noodles!  
It's best to do all preparations first.

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