Too Late

"When the horse is stolen, it is too late to lock the barn." Ecclesiastes 10:11 (paraphrase)

Why is it often not till afterwards that we realize what we should have done? Why do we wait until it's too late?

How many husbands and wives, when their marriages have fallen apart, realize they should have spent more time with each other, not worked such long hours, appreciated and treasured each other and looked for the good rather than meditating on the failures?

How many parents, when their children have gone astray out into the world, realize they should have prayed more for their children, taught them more from the Bible, had more of an interest in them, taken more time and effort to listen and understand them and been more open and easier to talk to?

How many mothers, when their children have grown up, wish they'd taken the time to enjoy their children while they were little and made the most of every moment?

How many people, when they've lost a loved one, wish they'd been a better parent, wife or friend?

How many people, when they get to the end of their lives, wish they'd spent their lives on what is important and what will count for eternity rather than washing their precious time on things they have to leave behind?

I don't want to be one of these many people who realize too late.

Lock your barn BEFORE you lose your horse!

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