Be Thankful

I was a bit convicted thismorning when I was making a memory verse picture with my children. I was making one to hang up in our kitchen. I drew and glued things on that they can be thankful for. I realized as I was doing it, that some of these very things I am very 'unthankful' for sometimes.
I thank God for my food every mealtime out of habit, but how thankful am I really? Too often I'm sighing about having to cook again, how expensive food is now etc. How many mothers in the world would love to be able to cook and feed their children like I am able to?
Toys and Books
When I pick the toys and books up off the floor I'm not usually thanking God for them. It's more likely that I'm sighing about them being scattered all over the place. How many mothers in the world would love to have toys and books like I have for my children?
How thankful am I for my house? Often I'm more focused on how much work it takes to keep clean. Or sometimes I even think it would be nicer to have a different kind of house (bigger, nicer etc.) I take it for granted so much. And yet there are many mothers out there who don't even have a proper house to live in. Or what about the many whose houses have been ruined in war, earthquakes, fires etc?
I often get caught up in the difficulties that come with children and I forget to thank God for them. But there are many women who would love to be mothers and there are many mothers who have lost a child.
So often I take my husband for granted and forget what a huge blessing he is.
May God teach us all to be an example of thankfulness to our children.

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