More than enough

Charles Spurgeon once told this story:
One day a little worried mouse came to Joseph. Joseph didn't see the mouse, because he was busy calculating how much wheat he had left for feeding all the people. He had mountains of wheat, much more than enough. Then he heard the little mouse squeak. "What are you worried about, little mouse?" asked Joseph.
"I'm worried that maybe you won't have enough wheat for me." said the mouse. Joseph laughed, because there was enough wheat to last the mouse a million years or more!
Mr. Spurgeon then went on to say that one day he was worried about his troubles. He didn't think that everything could come out alright.
Then he read the Bible and came to the verse which says "My grace is sufficient for thee." And then he laughed at himself. He was being as foolish as the mouse that came to Joseph worrying about whether there was enough wheat for him.
Sometimes life's trials seem much more than we can handle. We worry about the future and wonder how we'll manage.
But God's grace is enough for every difficulty. More than enough!

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