Things I'm thankful for #2

1) The Bible
2) Salvation
3) Assurance of Salvation
4) A good church to attend
5) A Christian family who are a great support
6) True friends
7) Sunshine that makes you feel happy
8) Rain that refreshes
9) Rainbows to brighten a dark day
10) God's promises
11) A car
12) A driver's license
13) Furniture
14) A computer
15) Sermons online
16) A phone to connect with loved ones
17) Good books
18) Crafts and the fun of Creativity
19) The Beauty of God's Creation
20) Living in a country that doesn't have war
22) God's amazing love
23) Music
24) A Husband who is loving, faithful, hardworking, honest, reliable, loves God, has his priorities right, spends time with his children, spends time with me, spends time alone with God, loves and honors his parents, never hurts me on purpose etc.
25) A wonderful mother and father who have given me a Godly heritage
26) Lovely Christian in-laws
27) Sisters
28) Romans 8:28
29) God's grace is sufficient
30) Prayer

There are so many things to be thankful for! My Mum gave me some advice the last time I saw her. She knew that something was coming up in my life that would be a bit difficult. Her advice was (in short), "Be thankful and enjoy the moment." Then she started to name some of the things that I would have to be thankful about during the difficult time. It gave me a different mindset! There were positives I had never thought of. I am remembering her advice and it has helped me. Instead of focusing on the negative things, I am trying to notice and count all my blessings.

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