Don't Sweat the Little Things

In marriage do you often get upset or irritated about little unimportant things?
I attended a parenting course some time back and most of the parents who attended were solo parents. They all talked negatively about their ex partners. But there was one couple doing the course together. When some of the parents were discussing how to handle conflict between themselves and the other parent of their child, this couple got asked how they deal with conflict between themselves. One comment they made was, "Don't sweat the little things!"
Now two years later I am finally learning how helpful that advice is!
My husband is a priceless treasure that God has given me. And yet too often I let petty little things make me irritable, offended or upset.
I am learning, when something 'little' happens that irritates me or upsets me, to think, 'Its just not worth getting upset about. Our marriage is worth far more. It's really no big deal!'

Titus_2:4 That they may teach the young women...to love their husbands...

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