A Means to an End

For two months, my baby was in the Nicu. It was interesting to see how things were done. Everything was very orderly, practical and very clean. Everything was on wheels so they could be moved and the cleaner could clean underneath.

But the point of the Nicu is not to have a clean, organized place. The purpose is to get babies well and home again. All those other things are just a means to an end. They are important, but they are not the purpose in themselves.

When I came home from the hospital I had been away for 2 months. So there was 2 months of stuff to sort through and put away. There were gifts and new things to find a place for, baby and maternity clothes to sort through and then the children came home. And of course, a new baby to care for! At first I was just so happy to be out of hospital and and all together at home again.

I started to write down what needed doing as I usually do.  Then I quickly became very overwhelmed! So many things to do. I started to feel like my purpose each day was to get things ticked off my list. 

I had to stop and think, "I'm home! I'm out of hospital. Take it easy and don't worry about all the things that need to be done. Just enjoy being home and with your children again."

Also the thought came to me, "My house will never be perfect like I would like it to be. If that's my goal each day, I'll always be disappointed. It's just not possible. Keeping my house in order is just a means to an end. My goal is to have a happy home for my husband and children. In order to do that, I do need to keep things clean and tidy. I want my husband to have a nice place to come home to. Also, I can't enjoy doing something with the children when the whole house is upside down. But sometimes in order to have a happy home, I need to let things go a bit. A happy home is more important than a 'perfect' home.”

Keeping your home in order is important. In Titus 2, it says we are to be 'keepers at home.' It's part of our job. But before that on the list it says to love your husband and your children. That is the goal!

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