The Cost of Encouragement

It doesn't cost a single cent
To speak a word of encouragement.
It doesn't cost to give some cheer
To someone who is in despair.

There's no price for saying a prayer
For someone who is filled with care.
Words and prayer take time and thought,
But definitely don't have to be bought.

We all can certainly afford
Kind and loving, encouraging words.
Words and prayers are absolutely free---
So why not use them as much as can be?

You may have to watch what you spend,
But it doesn't cost to encourage a friend.
So go and encourage someone today--
You can brighten their day by what you say.
--Emily van Rijn


  1. dear Emily,
    thank you for this LOVELY poem... oh so true! i'm going to print it and add it to my diary. thanks for taking your time to write this and share it with us. i love your blog... a GREAT encouragement:) you have a great writing gift.
    may God bless you richly friend.
    love Steph