He Giveth More Grace

Two weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed a dinner together at a Chinese restaurant, desert at Burger King and a nice walk through a beautiful Domain afterwards. It was a lovely evening but afterwards when I returned to the little hospital room where our baby lay, a horrible feeling of helplessness and depression came over me. Lydia had been in hospital for 2 months since birth and it looked like we would be in hospital with her till she would have heart surgery and recover from that--maybe another 1-2 months. We were separated from our little children and a long way from home. There seemed to be no end in sight--no light at the end of the tunnel. I thought in despair, "I've had all I can handle. Isn't two months long enough to be in hospital?? I just can't do it anymore! I want to go home. I want life to be normal again."
Then the verse came to me "He giveth MORE grace."
I was reminded that God's grace for me will never run out. There is always MORE no matter how big my trials are or how long they last! God would give me MORE and MORE grace for as long as Lydia had to be in hospital. MORE grace, MORE help, MORE joy, MORE patience and MORE peace.
And He did!
Thankfully things changed and we are now home with her until surgery. Although I do not look forward to going back again, I know God will give MORE grace when the time comes.
God will give MORE grace to raise the special needs child He has given us.
Do you ever feel like you're at the end of your rope? That you've had enough?
Maybe a hard marriage, a difficult child, the challenges a new baby brings, financial struggles etc.
Or maybe you are worried how you will cope with new challenges in the future.
Remember, God gives MORE grace!
What a great promise!

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