In Acceptance Lieth Peace

I read this little poem in a devotion book in the first two weeks of my baby being in hospital. For the next two months I memorized it and repeated it to myself often! Such a valuable little lesson God has being teaching me through the trials of having a sick baby, being separated from my other children and spending so much time in hospital. I learned to pray for God's will to be done rather than begging for the problems to be fixed and for my life to be normal again. I've been learning to accept the trials rather than fighting them. It's amazing the peace God gives even though the time is still difficult.
And when God does give us what we want, we appreciate it so much more!
In the last week were told unexpectedly that our little girl was well enough to go home until her surgery. I had accepted the fact that we would have to stay at least another month in hospital till she could have surgery. So it was a lovely surprise, and I have never appreciated being home so much before!
Otto Koning, the missionary who tells the Pineapple story, said something like this, "We accomplish far more by surrendering than we do by begging and pleading."

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