Pain and Comfort

Thismorning at 3:00 am I was awake with Lydia who was having trouble getting back to sleep. I was lonely, very homesick, missing my husband and children and wondering how many more weeks or months we will be in hospital for. After 6 weeks, there was still no light at the end of the tunnel.
As the tears flowed, I begged God for comfort. 
Lydia eventually settled and we both got back to sleep.
Looking back over thismorning I realized God answered my prayer through 3 different people!
First, the play specialist.
Lydia holding my finger on her emergency helicopter ride 6 weeks back.
She came into Lydia's room to see how she is getting on, as she does every day. We got talking and she shared how her fourth child had a kidney problem and he needed surgery after birth. She understood the difficulties of being torn between your healthy children and your sick child. She told me that when her children grew up she interviewed the healthy ones on how the experience affected them. I braced myself, thinking she was going to say how much it effected them negatively. But instead she shared how the experience made them more caring and better people. She also mentioned her faith, which was an encouragement.
Secondly, the cardiologist.
On the ward rounds she told me that if Lydia doesn't get any worse over the weekend and can do ok with no drain, we may be able to start talking about getting out of here! That's the first talk of home in a long time. No guarantees, of course, but a little ray of hope!
Lastly, the cleaner.
I have talked to her many times before, but as I was about to go out the door, she just happened to say something about her little boy with Downs! I had no idea she had a child with Down Syndrome! We had a long conversation. She has a 3yr old boy with Down Syndrome, which is why she likes Lydia so much. She also mentioned that she is a Sunday School Teacher.
God is so good!
I was thinking once about how Lydia gets so upset with painful things like blood tests or dressing changes. But how I always give her a cuddle afterwards to make up for it.
We also have our painful moments, but afterwards comes the comfort!
As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you;
Isaiah 66:13

Last cuddle before open heart surgery 2 months back

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