Yesterday at the breakfast table I read the story to my children of  Peter walking on the water to Jesus. When he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the storm, he was overwhelmed and afraid. He started to sink. But when his eyes were on Jesus the impossible happened.
I can relate to Peter. Life is often overwhelming and I am afraid I won't cope. Specially when there are complications added to the normal chaos. On difficult days coping well can seem as impossible as walking on water! I can feel like I am drowning.
And yet it amazes me how with God we can do the 'impossible!' With God's help we can cope on the bad days and difficult seasons. of life. We may need to ask for or accept help. We may need to simplify and prioritize, but we CAN cope! We don't have to drown in the busyness and stress.
A while back our baby was in hospital for a very long time. We were separated from our children half the time and a long way from home. Staying cheerful and making the most of the time seemed an impossibility! But although it was very hard and nightmarish, the impossible happened---I was able to cope! It amazed me. On most days I was able to laugh at our situation even though it was far from funny. I was able to be cheerful and make the most of the moments with our children. The whole thing to me was an impossibility but with God all things are possible!
And now back at home with a very busy life, I often wake up in the morning overwhelmed and wondering how I will keep up with all I need to do. Sometimes it seems impossible. But if my eyes are on the Lord, He helps me. He helps me in many different ways through different people and means.
If I focus on all the difficulties and the impossibilities, I 'drown!'
And when I am 'drowning' God hears my cry for help and pulls me up.
God is so good. His goodness amazes me again and again.
What difficulties are you going through right now? Are you overwhelmed and wondering if it is possible for you to cope?
With God impossibilities happen! Keep your eyes on Him.

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