Obstacles to Time With God

Zacchaeus wanted to meet Jesus, but there were obstacles in his way.
He was short, and there were lot of people inbetween him and Jesus making it impossible for him to see.
So what did he do? Did he give up?
No, he found a way to overcome both obstacles! He climbed a tree. So simple, a little unusual, but it worked!
And guess what? Jesus not only spotted him in the tree, He stopped, talked to Him and went back to His house and spent time with Him.
What happened as a result? Zacchaeus was a changed man.
(Luke 19:1-11)
I can relate to Zaccaeus. I don't find it so easy to get close to the Lord at the moment. 
As a busy mum and wife, I find there are many obstacles in the way of spending time with God. Life is more busy than usual at the moment with a 'high need' baby, and at the time of day I would like to be reading my Bible, I have a baby to get fed and medicine to prepare and give her etc. One night I was feeding her and I had my Bible open next to me. I read this story of Zaccheaus and it straight away spoke to me. Zacchaeus found a way to see Jesus even though it wasn't the normal way. God blessed his efforts and spent time with Him. God will also bless my efforts to spend time with Him. When I make an effort to spend time with Him, He will meet with me. He knows the obstacles. He knows what its like to be a Mum and wife with many things that have to be done. But He also wants me to make Him a priority.
We can find creative ways to overcome these obstacles. At the moment, instead of reading my Bible, I mostly listen to it. I downloaded it for free on http://www.bible.is/download/audio  I listen to it while I'm feeding my baby or folding the washing or whatever else. The Daily Light is another great tool for Mums, as it is short and easy to read but pure Bible.
Don't feel bad if you don't have a set time to sit down and spend time with God because it just doesn't work for you. But do your best to find some way to pray and hear or read God's Word. You may have to be creative, but God will bless it and you will change.

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