Honor His Wishes

Give weight to what your husband thinks is important.
Make those things a priority that matter most to him.
Don't make him ask twice.

I have these words up in my kitchen at the moment which I got from a magazine. This is the main marriage advice I remember my Mum telling me.
I thought I had this down pat until last night I realized I still have a long way to go.
My husband commented on something I was wearing. He didn't like it for modesty reasons. Straight away I argued back as I had the last two times he mentioned it. Then I caught myself. Ouch!  Later on I asked my husband if he really didn't like it.(It pays to check as sometimes he is just teasing!:) ). Thismorning I put those clothes, along with some more clothes I knew he didn't like, into my opp shop bag.
I have a few less clothes now, but I have joy knowing I have honored his wishes. A happy marriage is far more important than a few clothes.
Another thing has been screen time for the children. Many times he has commented on how he doesn't like how much screen time (watching videos) I let them have. Instead of honoring his wishes, for a long time I just made excuses. Ouch again! This week we have gone 4 days so far with no screen time. And again I have joy knowing I am honoring my man!
What is important to your husband?
Are you honoring his wishes?
You will be blessed if you do!

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