(Controlling Clutter)

I read an article a few years back that talked about hotspots. The writer explained hotspots as surfaces in your house that seem to be magnets to clutter. Do you have any places like that in your home? 
Bedside tables? Window sill? Top of fridge? Dressing Table?
The solution is to clear the clutter, then put something attractive in its place, like a photo frame, candle, ornament etc. Since it looks nice when it is not cluttered, you'll have more motivation to keep it that way.
I have found this tip really useful.
My small chest freezer is one place that has been a real hospot. Since I can't put something attractive there, I have put on it a square flax basket with a lid. Any clutter I find in the kitchen gets put there, until I get time to put it in its right place.
Here are a few places in my house that used to be hotspots. They still are sometimes, but I'm working on it! The tip definitely helps.

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