Call unto Me...

This week has been a busy week. A week when you keep up with the basics but that's about it. The list on my 'extra jobs' list kept growing and I was thinking about how nice it would be to have some time without the children just to focus on getting a few jobs done without neglecting them. I was praying about this, but thinking that it wasn't possible anyway. I thought I would just have to be patient and work on them when I had time. About an hour later I was reading in bed and my husband walked in. "I've been thinking... that I might take Joseph and Esther with me for the day on Friday." He needed to travel to Wellington (11/2hrs away) to do a few jobs and thought he could spend some time with the kids at the same time. He then decided they could leave extra early and have breakfast together on the way.
Wow! Talk about blowing me away!
Don't you just love how sometimes God answers your prayer above what you even think possible!

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