A Difficulty or an Opportunity?

What difficulties are you facing at the moment?
Marriage difficulties,
Financial stress,
A health problem,
A change to adjust to,
Sick children,
or what about the everyday difficulties of looking after your children,
 being a good wife and trying to keep order in your home?

Every difficulty is an opportunity to grow and to experience God's faithfulness as you see Him provide.

If you know me well, you will know that I don't usually have that bright perspective! If you've heard me talk about our upcoming trip to Holland, you will know that I am a bit of an Eeyore! A while back someone asked me if I was excited about our trip. Excited?? "Dreading it is more like it!" was my gloomy answer.
I see hours and hours of sitting in a plane with 4 little children and no sleep to help me cope, 5 weeks of language barriers with a child who could easily end up in hospital, then a long plane trip to get back home.
Usually what I share on this blog is what I am learning, not what I have been practicing for years!
I am praying for a positive perspective and I want a positive perspective!
I can choose to see this trip as an opportunity to grow and an opportunity to see God answer my prayers to help me cope each day. Or I can just do what I naturally do and only see the difficulties.

I am reading a book at the moment of testimonies of missionary people who saw God provide their physical needs, like food, money, etc. It is exciting to see the amazing ways that God provides and God seems far more real when we have those experiences.
But there are other needs we can trust God for too. And it is just as rewarding seeing God answer. It's up to us to pray for His help and watch for His answers.

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