Indoor Inexpensive Holiday Ideas

It's the holidays! This is my list of ideas to keep my little ones busy and make this time fun.

Play board games
Bake some yummy treats in the kitchen
    (Cake, biscuits, popcorn, bliss balls, pikelets, pancakes, muesli bars etc.)
Make a small pizza each
Do arts and crafts
Colour in
Make a hut in the lounge
Look at photo books together
Play 'going on holiday'
Tea party with dolls, teddies etc.
Make a book (We have a little book called What Bunny Loves. Every page has a different thing he loves. I thought my kids could make their own little picture book like this with what they love on each page.)
Play dressups.
Have an indoor treasure hunt
Play with playdough
Have a drawing lesson.(Learn to draw something new.)
Do puzzles
Games (Memory, Slapjack, Snap etc.)
Sing kids songs
Make a collage
Build with lego
Play coffee shops with real food (cakes, biscuits, etc.)
Read stories
Play with magnets
Work in activity books
Play with window stickers
Blow bubbles
Make bubbles with straw in bowl (Fill a bowl with water and dishwashing liquid. They blow big bubbles with a straw. Lots of fun!)
Do some cleaning/housework
Play shops
Sort and declutter boxes (My children each have a special box or drawer where they keep their special things. Every now and again, it needs decluttering or it gets too full.)
Make cards for someone's birthday, new baby or whatever
Play schools

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