Gifts You Can Give Your Children

There are many priceless gifts you can give your children that don't cost money. Instead they cost time and effort. Your children may not think of them all as gifts right now, but one day they will and they will thank you for them!
This is my list.

1) Read to them
2) Teach them to be thankful and content with what they have.
        A thankful child is a happy child!
3) Let them help you in the kitchen
4) Teach them to work and be responsible
        They'll thank you one day!
5) Play games together
6) Have some "one on one" time
7) Listen to them
8) Teach them to love God and His Word
        That's the best gift you can give them!
9) Teach them to be well-behaved and well mannered
10) Protect them
11) Teach them to obey and respect authority
12) Teach them to pray
13) Teach them what they should do, not only what they shouldn't do
     Be a proactive parent.
14) Use kind words
15) Pray for wisdom to be a good mother
16) Go for a walk together
17) Give them a hug
18) Kiss them goodnight
19) Keep calm
20) Teach them basic skills to prepare them for life
21) Pray for them
22) Teach them to be kind and unselfish
22) Resolve conflicts with your husband quietly without nastiness
       Parents don't like to hear kids fighting and bickering and children don't like to hear parents fighting!
23) Respect and love their daddy
         Give them a happy and stable home.
25) Be cheerful and relaxed
26) Teach your children to have a servant's heart
         There is a satisfaction and joy is helping others.
27) Look after yourself 
         Keep yourself from getting worn out and stressed.
28) Look after your marriage
          Have alone time with your husband. Don't put your children before your husband.
All kids love to unwrap gifts, but these gifts are much more worthwhile and you don't need to be rich to give them every one on this list!

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