Less is Better

(Tips on keeping life simple and decluttered)
One thing I have decluttered is my closet.
I have limited my clothes (including jewelry, shoes and coats) to roughly 35 things. (I got the idea from here. )This doesn't count clothes/shoes I only wear to work outside or sleepwear, underwear etc. It also doesn't count singlets, tights, and t-shirts that I only wear under things.
I put a few winter/extra things away in a storage container, and when it gets colder I will swap them with some summer things. I have just enough winter things in my closet for the odd cold day. I have also put away maternity clothes and clothes that are too big for when I am next pregnant.
I have donated the clothes that I like but don't feel comfortable in. You know, those clothes you wear about once every two months!! The clothes that make you look pregnant when you're not! :) Or the ones that are too baggy or two tight.
So in my closet there are only clothes that I like AND enjoy wearing--my favorites.
I have learned to mix and match a lot more. For example I have one black skirt. I used to only wear it on Sundays with one or two different tops. But I realized I could wear it with all my colored tops and that makes a whole lot more outfits! 
With mix and matching just my tops/cardis, skirts and a dress I can make about 72 different outfits! That's more than enough, don't you think? That doesn't count mix and matching shoes, jewelry and scarves.
A major benefit for me out of all this, is that it really helps me with impulse buying. If I buy something new I need to get rid of something else, unless I need what I'm buying. It helps me to just buy to fill the gaps. It also makes me really think twice before buying things. Do I really like it AND feel comfortable in it? Or would it just sit in my closet most of the time?
One of the times that Lydia was in hospital, we ended up in Auckland with only an overnight bag. We then found out we would be there for a long time, and I only had 2-3 changes of clothes. While we were up there I brought a few more, but when nearly 8 weeks later we were finally back to our local hospital I looked forward to wearing all my other clothes at home. But I found I had gotten used to wearing the comfortable ones that I had in hospital and actually enjoyed wearing them more than the ones at home! So it just goes to show that we really don't need much!

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