Conquering Problem Areas

(Tips on keeping life simple and decluttered)

Is there something in your home that is on top of you? Is there something that overwhelms you? Something that annoys you every time you walk past?
You can make it a priority and get it under control.
There are two specific things in my home that I was not keeping up with.

The first one was the washing.
I am good at getting a load on every day and getting it dry. But from there it often piled up unfolded or stayed folded in the basket! It got so overwhelming. So in the last few weeks I have made it a priority every day---to get it folded as soon as it's dry and put it straight away. It makes such a difference!

The second one was the toilet.
My husband asked me some time ago to clean it more often because of the children. But I still never got to it very often. So I have prioritized this area as well and made a habit that keeps on top of it. Every morning when I am first up and go into my bathroom, I quickly wipe down the sink area and then the toilet. The cloth goes straight into the washing machine. I put some cleaner in the toilet bowl and give it a quick scrub. It only takes a few minutes but it makes such a difference! My bathroom feels so much cleaner!

Sometimes in order to get on top of something, we need to change something else to make it possible. For example, there was something that made me not like putting washing away. My drawers and cupboards were very jam packed so it was sometimes difficult to fit everything in. I have realized I only need about half as much stuff, so I have decluttered those overstuffed places. Putting away the washing is so much easier!

I still have other areas to work on.
What are your areas? Having time with God each day? The dishes? Meals? Gardening? Cluttered cupboards? The washing?
It helps to work on one or two things at a time and make habits that keep them under control.

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