Reduce, Wash and Reuse

Dishes and Washing are two areas that can really get overwhelming. So this tip "Reduce, Wash and Reuse" works well for these areas.

I went through my linen cupboard and found sheets I didn't even know I had! Most of them were just sitting there growing dusty. I realized we had way more towels than we use. So I kept what is necessary and donated the rest.
When I have so many towels, I can let lazy and just pull more out instead of keeping on top of the washing. Then I get overwhelmed when the washing turns into a mountain. I also sorted through my bibs, tea towels and cloths. I got rid of a whole heap of them a few months ago and haven't missed any of them yet. That drawer is not jam packed anymore and doesn't annoy me every time I open it! 
The same tip applies to clothes, since they make up much of our laundry pile. Having less clothes (especially kids clothes, since they like to wear their favorites all the time!) motivates me to keep on top of the washing.

I don't have a dishwasher, so maybe this tip doesn't apply if you do. I don't know. But it's certainly made a huge difference in my kitchen and to my sanity! I haven't donated any plates and bowls yet, because we do need a certain amount to be able to have visitors. But this is what I did. I took all the plates etc. out and only put back what the 6 of us need in a day. That's 6 dinner plates (the kids use the same size plate for dinner and lunch), 6 bowls and 2 lunch plates. It sounds extreme, but now I wash dishes a bit more often and I don't get overwhelmed! I also only kept the cutlery we really need in the drawer, which forces me to rewash instead of pulling out more. This has made such a difference with baking and cooking. There is always dishes at the end, but if you wash and reuse (clean as you go), it is much less overwhelming.  I simply put the extra plates, bowls and cutlery into a different cupboard in the kitchen. They are still there for when visitors come or when I really need them, but most of the time they are not needed. I really thought my husband would think I was getting a bit extreme with this one, but he just said, "You're getting wiser every day!"
Maybe I am a bit extreme sometimes, but he can see that it makes me keep on top of things a lot better. It helps me not procrastinate and be lazy. It also helps me to be less dependent on him for help! Other comments he has given me about all the changes I've made is "You're finally learning!" or "Why did it take you this long to learn???" 

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