Menu Planning

Do you enjoy menu planning? If you do menu plan, that is!
I love having my week's dinners planned, but I find the actual planning part very overwhelming. So this is another area I have tried to simplify.
I wrote down a list of 20 of our regular/favorite simple meals/meats.

Roast Chicken
Chicken Drumsticks
Butter Chicken
Korma Chicken
Macaroni and Cheese
Pita Bread
Corned Beef
Pasta Bake
Spaghetti Bolognese
Shepherd's Pie
Fish Pie
Roast beef
Using this simple list is much easier with menu planning. And of course I don't have to stick to it. After writing this list I asked my husband for his favorite meals to make sure I had got them all. He just said, "I like variety and new recipes." For a moment I was overwhelmed again! But then I realized that even with this simple list, there can be much variety and new recipes. For example, macaroni and cheese can be made with bacon, ham, or corned beef. It can be flavored with curry, chicken soup etc. It can be cooked in the oven or just in the pan on the stove. It can have breadcrumbs on top or be without breadcrumbs. It can have vegetables mixed through or vegetables separate. I'm not really one to follow recipes for dinners, but I'm sure there are tons of different recipes for Macaroni  and cheese. And that's only one meal on the list!
There are tons of ways to cook sausages. There are tons of different ways to cook vegetables. But keeping my list basic keeps me from getting overwhelmed.
How do you simplify your meal planning?

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