Happy Memories

I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but never published it. But now that it is school holidays here in NZ, I have started thinking about it again.The point of it all, is that if we have time and creativity, by making the most of what we have, we can fill our children's lives with happy memories without it getting too expensive.

What happy childhood memories do you have?
I have some big special memories, like having a holiday in Tasmania with my Dad and big sisters when I was ten years old. I also went to Brisbane twice for teen camps. 
But most of my childhood memories were very simple and inexpensive, using what we had around us. I grew up homeschooled and living on a farm, so most of the activities were farm related.
These memories include
climbing trees, 
going shopping with big sisters, 
husking corn, 
singing at resthomes,
 eating dinner down the farm when the hay had just been mowed,
 picking blackberries, 
going for bike rides,
 washing the cow shed yard with the high pressure hose, 
helping with herd testing,
hot chip picnics at the beach, lake or river, 
cutting up chocolate bars into small pieces for everyone to share, 
playing lego, 
horseriding , (We had our own horses)
 new babies, 
birthday parties, 
looking after pets, 
having friends stay in the holidays, 
grocery shopping at night and then putting things away, 
sled rides behind the motor bike (Those were the best!!),
collecting and swapping stickers, 
bonfires and fireworks, 
outings with my grandparents, 
delivering 'meals on wheels' with my grandparents,
 having dinner at other people's houses,
 visiting other people and having visitors ourselves,
playing in the hay barn,
doing our hair in 'rags' to make ringlets,
watching air balloons fly over our farm,
and sitting by a river watching boats go past.

My children are growing up a little different to me in that they go to school and they live in town. I can't give them all the same memories that I had. But no matter how or where we live, there are plenty of simple ways to fill our children's lives with happy memories. Although it is also important to have big special ones here and there, they're not necessary most of the time. Even when life has its bitter seasons, the memories can be bittersweet. When Lydia was in hospital, our children had their first bus ride and train ride, they had a trip to the zoo, they went to a big museum, and they had exciting times at their grandparents and at Ronald McDonald!
So the challenge for me and for all of us mums is this:
Be creative and make the most of what you have to make happy memories for your children so one day they can look back and write a list like I've just done!

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