Time, Energy and Space Saving Tips #1

One of my goals for 2013 is to organize my house and myself!
I found this book Confessions of an Organized Homemaker in the library and I have found it so helpful. I had to buy it for myself! It is slowly changing my house and my life.
I would like to share the lessons I am learning (not all are from this book), in case there is someone else who struggles like I do in this area.

#1 Have a list of morning jobs.
Don't you hate it when its after lunch and the beds aren't made or the washing is still not out yet? I was really bad with this, but am finally getting on top of it.
I find it really helpful to have a list of the basic jobs that need doing in the morning. My list looks like this 'Dishes done (Washed and dried!), Children dressed, Beds made and bedrooms tidied, hang washing out (if doing washing),and vacuum.'
I try to get these jobs done before getting sidetracked with writing emails and other things that don't need to be done right then.
These morning jobs can all be done (most of the time!) by 9:30 or 10:00. 
My day is so much nicer when I get these things out of the way first thing in the morning.

#2  Use a Washing Basket when Tidying Up

As I do my 'morning jobs' I often take a washing basket with a plastic bag around with me as I go through each room in the house. I don't have to carry it most of the time, I just push it with my foot. If I see something in the room I am in that doesn't belong there, I pop it into the basket. Any dirty clothes go in there, and any rubbish goes into the plastic bag. As I go into each room, I put things back into their right place from out of the washing basket.
I've found this method quite good, and I often do it in the evenings, too, as I retidy the house.

#3 Bake double and put half in the freezer
(This tip depends on how much freezer space you have)
I used to do lots of baking every week. We would have to quickly eat cakes up before they went moldy and we would get sick of the cake in the meantime!
With little children it's not always so easy to do baking.
Now I have started to make double or triple batches of biscuits and then I put half in the freezer.
I often put half  a cake or slice in the freezer too, then we don't have to eat it up so fast and we don't get sick of the same cake!
This way, I usually have a few options to pull out of the freezer. It gives variety and also saves time, because you don't have to bake so often. It doesn't take much longer to double a recipe and you are doing all those dishes just once instead of twice!
Also, if you are going somewhere or someone you know is sick, you can just pull some baking out of the freezer for them! It's so handy!

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