An Attitude Adjustment

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Ephesians 5:20

Katharine Luther had more reasons than most to complain.
“My husband is dead. The farms are ruined. The boarders have fled. My children need an education. I'm forgotten. I have no money. The plague is all around me and is getting closer by the hour. It's killing my friends,” she moaned to her pastor, when he suggested she leave Wittenberg because of the plague.
“You have had lots of troubles indeed,” her pastor sympathized with her. “But you've also had a lot of blessings. This afternoon I will be conducting funeral services for all three of the Kramer children. Your children are still alive!”
“True, Pastor, true; and I shouldn’t complain. The Lord will have to forgive me. I guess I’m just a tired old woman,” Katie confessed.
Like Mrs. Luther we all need an attitude adjustment sometimes.
One evening I was preparing the table for dinner. Dinner was all ready but my husband still wasn't home. I was wondering what was keeping him when the phone rang. “I'm late. I'm just leaving work now.”
As dinner was ready, I was a bit annoyed. Not because he was late, but because he hadn't told me earlier. I could have just made dinner half an hour later if I had known.
We had two visitors staying with us. I called them for dinner. One asked, “Is Johan not coming for dinner?”
“He's late,” I answered, still annoyed.
“Man, he'll be tired,” replied my guest.
Ouch! That was a rebuke. I hadn't thought of how my husband was feeling after a long tiring day. I was only thinking about my dinner and myself.
The last thing my husband needed was to come home to a grumpy wife! Grumpy because he didn't ring at the 'right' time when he did remember to ring.
My visitor had no idea what good his simple comment did to me! He gave me an attitude adjustment.
Another time Johan was very busy at work. When he wasn't working, there were many other activities that demanded his time. When he was home, someone would turn up to visit or the phone would ring.
Instead of making the most of the time that we did have together, I got resentful. I didn't even enjoy what time we did have.
I forgot that it was just a busy time that would pass.
During that time I borrowed a book from a friend. In the book I discovered I needed an attitude adjustment! I read a story of a young mum whose husband worked early in the morning till late at night for a time. But he was home for an hour at lunchtime. Instead of getting resentful, she made that one hour the best she could. She cooked a delicious meal and she made the most of the precious time she had with her husband.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1Thessalonians 5:18

Let's have an attitude of gratitude!

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