25 things I love about being a Mum

1)Cuddles--little arms holding me tight
3)Watching my child in hysterics over something that's not even funny!
4)Seeing the delight on their face when I give them a present or something new
5)Taking one of them shopping by themselves
6)Seeing how proud they are of themselves when they've made an accomplishment
7)Hearing the words "I want to help Mummy!"
8)Watching them holding their baby brother and saying "I love him. I love you, Joses (Joseph)!"
9)The funny things they say like "Joses is kicking his arms!"
10)Their excitement when Daddy gets home
11)Firsts! first smile, first giggle, first foods, first time sleeping through the night, first word, first step...
12)Baby smiles--especially voluntary ones
13)Little eyes looking up at you when they're feeding
14)Watching little people playing together nicely
15)Listening to them saying their memory verses and singing songs that you've taught them
16)My children giving me something of their own initiative--a picture, part of their snack...

17)Older ones looking out for the younger ones
18)Holding a sleeping baby
19)The first glimpse of a newborn after 9 months of being pregnant
20)Going on outings together
21)Planning birthday parties
22)Doing arts and crafts together
23)Mischievous faces
24)Feeling baby kicks when I'm pregnant
25)Hearing the word, "Mummy!"

Too often I get focused on the negatives. So it's just a reminder to me of all the wonderful things about being a Mum!

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