Little Eyes Watching

Last night it was dinner time. My husband is super busy at work at the moment and he had just texted saying he was still 10-15 minutes away. I was trying to get the girls up to the table, but they wanted all their dolls at the table too. So there were little chairs and a doll pushchair around our table making our crowded kitchen/dining room even more crowded. Joseph was in a big bulky exersaucer in the lounge which needed to be brought back into the kitchen. I lifted the exersaucer up and attempted to carry it around the table to where is was supposed to go. I bumped Hannah in the process and nearly knocked my blackboard off my fridge. While I was still holding the exersaucer up in the air I was feeling rather frustrated and stressed, when I happened to look at Joseph. He was watching me with an amused look on his face! He was just enjoying the ride! I straight away relaxed and laughed.
It's not the first time I've been stopped in my tracks by those little eyes watching me. It's a bit unnerving!                                              
The night before I was playing Memory with my two girls. It was just before bed and Joseph was getting grisly. I happened to mention to the girls, "Joseph is grumpy." Hannah replied, "Mummy grumpy?"
These two little episodes made me more aware that these little people are watching me all day. Watching how I react when things go wrong, watching my attitude and seeing me either complain or give thanks. But not only watching. Copying! I need to be a good example!

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