I'm So Thankful...

...that Motherhood is not all bad!

Last weekend was difficult! Joseph (my 11month old) was teething. Sometimes he had diarrhea and a fever. He also got a runny nose and a cough. On Friday night I went to check him before I went to bed and he was fast asleep with a dirty nappy. I had to wake him up and change him. Unfortunately it woke him completely up and it took a long time to get him back to sleep.

The next night I went to a birthday party, so I went to bed quite late. Just as I was going to sleep he woke up! He wouldn't settle for at least an hour or so. On top of that, Esther, my 21/2 year old woke up with a real dry cough and couldn't get back to sleep. So I had two of them up at the same time! That was a challenge! (Both the girls got coughs and colds during this time.)

By the third night I was exhausted, especially as Joseph had cried a lot in the afternoon. I went to bed early hoping to catch up. However, just as I was going to sleep, Joseph woke up! I cried! This time it took about 3 hours to get him back to sleep again. I was absolutely wasted!

Finally the fourth night, he slept well again.

Sometimes being a mother is very difficult!

But today Joseph was so happy. We have a little car that you can turn into a walker. As Joseph only walks around furniture so far, I thought I would try getting him to walk with the walker. He loved it! Especially when he banged into things! He would get the giggles and me, Hannah and Esther would get the giggles at him! I loved the look of glee on his face. He would turn around to make sure we were all watching! And then this afternoon the whole three of them were in the girls bedroom playing so nicely and happily together for ages. This evening a load of firewood came and they all went outside with their daddy to have a look. I watched them playing outside together. Then when Esther was in bed, Hannah was playing with Joseph. He was on his knees holding onto the couch. Hannah would march towards him making noise, and he would bounce up and down with the giggles! Afterwards he crawled into his bedroom. Hannah ran into the room making noise and he giggled so hard he started choking!

All those happy cute moments more than made up for all the difficult moments of the last week!

I'm so thankful that God created children so cute and delightful.

Imagine if children weren't cute?!

I'm so thankful God created smiles, giggles and laughter.

I'm so thankful God gives us so many beautiful, happy and precious moments.

I'm so thankful God created children!

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