Love Suffers Long and is Kind

I read the Love chapter at the beginning of the week, and as always it convicted me! It seems like I don't know about real love at all. Especially the first verse. Love suffers long and is kind. Keeping this verse in my mind this week, and writing it on my schedule each day, I have realized how impatient I am. And because I am impatient I become unkind.
Impatient when my baby won't sleep when he is supposed to.
Impatient when I am busy and my baby is grisly and wants to be held.
Impatient when my child has all the time in the world and I am in a hurry.
Impatient when I am trying to get a job done but my children are fighting.
Impatient when it is the end of the day and I just want to get finished and relax.
Impatient when my child is being super stubborn and just will not obey.
Impatient when I am trying to rest and my child has a dirty nappy three times in a row. :)
Impatient when my child has a dirty nappy that turns into a disaster.
I was a very patient person till I had children! Or so I honestly thought!
Every day I now have many opportunities to put patience and kindness into practice.
This week I have quoted this verse to myself many times a day when I am starting to feel impatient and it has helped me with being a more patient, kind mother.

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