10 Things

My children often find it overwhelming to tidy up a mess they've made in the lounge or in their bedrooms. Instead of telling them to go tidy up the lounge, I find it more helpful to say, "Go put away 10 things in the lounge." Or 5 things or whatever number. When they have finished that, I will tell them to go put away another ? things if its still untidy. It is way less overwhelming and their rooms can stay quite tidy with putting away 5-10 things twice a day.
I get overwhelmed too! Our youngest child's room is where we often dump things that we don't know where to put. A while back it got a little out of hand, and it seemed such a huge job to tidy and sort it. I decided to put away 10 things in the room every day. Within a few days it looked much better. Putting a few things away regularly does the trick. And often you end up doing more than you planned!
Are you overwhelmed? Do you have clutter and mess that is getting out of control? Or a garden that's full of weeds? Try just 10 things a day or 10 minutes. The job will get done!

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