Children, X-rays and Answered Prayer

Just sharing this little story as a reminder and encouragement to pray about your simplest needs!

Today our little girl with Down Syndrome needed an x-ray at our local hospital. She has more appointments than the rest of us put together! Often I drop the other children off at friends houses, but today I thought I would risk taking all four of them. (1-6yrs) 
Before I left I was a bit nervous, as appointments with little children can easily turn into an embarrassing disaster. 
I have been thinking alot about prayer lately--about praying for your needs. So I decided to pray about this as a need--for help with the children.
Well, we managed to get there 10 minutes early. We had just sat down in the waiting room, when I looked up to see Lydia's paeadiatrician standing right in front of us. I'm not sure where he came from or what he was doing, but he was right there! He is a lovely, gentle Christian doctor. So he stayed and talked for a while. Talking to him helped me relax. 
After he left, we only had to wait a minute or two before we were called in. From the moment we met the x-ray man, he asked the children questions. During the x-ray he apologized for talking so much to the children, but as he explained, he was trying to keep them busy--multitasking! He kept them entertained! Our children are very shy and usually I have to remind them beforehand to be polite and answer questions. This time I had forgotten, but they were very polite and answered every question--from their names to what was their favourite kind of soup!! They stood in a row along the far wall during the x-ray. They were perfectly behaved and Lydia smiled through the x-ray.
Our appointment was for 4:00 and we were walking out of the hospital by 4:05--thanking God!

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