Happy Mother's Day

Today I sold homemade scented candles at a Mother's Day Market. I had put a lot of effort and time in preparing for it.

It was a fun day! But do you know what the best part of the market was? It was when I looked up and saw my three children and my husband walking towards me. I had thought they weren't coming, so it was a surprise for me.

When I came home, my husband was busy cooking a special Mother's Day meal. Before bed, my children all gave me presents they had either made or helped make. My youngest child gave me lots of cuddles!

It struck me that my husband and children's love is worth far more than anything I can ever do or have. It can be fun to have hobbies, businesses or a job. It can be fulfilling and satisfying.
But there is NOTHING that beats the simple joy of being loved!

Being a mum is hard work and it has many difficult moments. But there is a joy to it that nothing can compare with--the homemade gifts from your children, the notes written to tell you they love you, the cuddles, the kisses, the way they try to copy you, their efforts to help, listening to your oldest child read a bedtime story to your youngest child and then say prayers, and watching them play together!

                              Happy Mother's Day! 

Remember, dear mother,there is nothing that beats the career you have!

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